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Thursday, October 05, 2006

big ballers

hello mr pole dancer
dun lean on the pole
got a lot of ppl wanna hold the pole for better stability
against the force of inertia

hello mr man-in-black
i know u're in a hurry to catch aliens
but please stand before the yellow line!

another pole dancer wit nike bag
reading newspaper

hello lady in blue
behind the yellow line!
mai kan cheong!

ok.. look at the man in batik and the man in yellow
their legs are too far apart..
but never mind. cos no one squeezing wit em

k.. then comes someone sitting between them
unfortunately he got big balls too
and needs to sit with his legs far far apart

also note that the man between em wearing grey is sitting on TWO seats
to satisfy his big balls posture
and all of em are covering their big balls
in case ppl like me tries to investigate
note that there is only HALF an empty seat left
even a small kid cannot squeeze in

cha cham bo...
this guy in white tries to limbo rock his way in
BRAVO! shake-it shake-it..
while the big ballers refuse to budge

man in white "heh heh.. i dun care.. i'm gonna slowly expand my legs till u two cannot tahan"
so he pretends to read a book
finally the man in batik gives in
perhaps being older no strength to knee-fight wit him

after some investigation
young man dun open their legs so big
especially those wearing business pants know how to cross their legs
gracefully to maximise the space capacity
its the middle to old age man with big tummies
who HAVE TO open their legs
1) to suport the weight of their belly on their laps
2) to prevent sitting on their saggy balls
these are my guess

hello xiao jie in white
behind the yellow line

hope u enjoyed today's episode


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