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Friday, January 11, 2008

bad experience at steamboat places

hi, everyone!!
i'm back :) yes.more updates!

recently i went to a place called "tian tian huo guo" to eat. thinking that it would be a great experience to eat there, after all they have had many advertisements on celebrities patronizing that place. But i was quite dis-heartened upon entering the place.

firstly, the people didnt bother to greet us. It was only when we started to settle down at one of the table when came a lady asking us what soup we wanted. She told us the different types of soup they were offering, however when we asked her things like which soup is the most popular amongst customers and does the chef have any soup to reccommend, she just shrug us off by saying that all the soups are nice.

the drinks that they offered were all bearly chilled with no ice provided and it was very sweet too.the moment i took the first sip, i was starting to picture myself getting diabetes soon.yes, it's that serious!

whats more is that although they allow you to order the items you want, however after taking your order, the food will take ages to come. you might think that it was because the place was very busy. But in actual fact is that all of them were busy chattering at one corner of the shop. Not only did we had to consatantly asked them when will our food come, but so did the other tables and it seem like there is only one waiter (a young boy that can hardly understand english, even words like "order'' was highly difficult for him to understand) something that i also found absurd in that shop is that, though it was already 2008 they're still giving out 2007 calendars. i guess none of us will ever want to step into that shop again.

which makes me remeber of the other day when i was a street across bugis junction, on new year's day. thinking of eating steamboat,we approached a place and to our dismay, we realised that the restaurant have actually increase the price from the usual $9.90 per person to $21.90.

sometimes i find it really ridiculous, it's like practicing public extortion. thing is, if it wasnt for my friend who couldn't believe that the price of the buffet steamboat can be so cheap. we would have gotten into a black shop.

cases like this is not a matter of whether the customer can afford the food or not but it is the responsibility of the shop owners to actually inform their customers of changes like this.In fact it is more of a whether the shop is actually practicing social responsibilty.


At 9:13 PM, Blogger MING - Captain Hook said...

public extortion
i like that!


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