sorry media, i'm not an etiquette/social watch dog, just a huge fan of public transport. and i would realli enjoy having a gracious bus/mrt ride once in a while. this is juz a hobby, i dun bounce off the walls when i see irresponsible public commuters or disgusting singaporeans. i can be reached at for more information, please DO NOT add me on msn or friendster.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Some asshole tore out the sticker
and paste it upside down
Means more toilet users will
1. waste water when they use it
2. find difficulties flushing down big pieces of stool bombs

Very detailed drawing of a phallus
found in the computer lab

Contribution by CKM
Reads: This couple was sitting at a prata store having prata. They made fun of the indian serving the food and used racist jokes on the. Scolded them for bad service just to mock at them. Their final bill was settled with a $2 note with the "girlfriend" saying "hey take take take" in a mocking manner as she smiled. They feel that indians are just jokes? Look at themselves. Theyre a bigger, FATTER joke to the society.


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