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Friday, September 01, 2006


good. fat one outside, skinny one inside.
this theory allows the skinny one to have a full seat. and the fat one gets 3/4 of his butt onthe seat.
if the fat one is inside, the skinny one will only have half the seat.
explained 101 times already.

boy's shirt reads: singapore brainiest kid
and all the while, the mum's talking bad about the dad who was standin behind
the mum teaches the kid wat a stupid man his dad is
and later goes to dad quarrels wit him

i confirm wit you 2 things
the boy loses his respect for his dad
because the dad allows the mum to be the "alpha dominance" figure of the pack (family)
second, very soon in school, the boy will be talking to his frens in school
using his new-found vocabulary on his friends
like "da ben dan" "shen jing bing"

very bad education for the kid
i have so many examples i can set up a new blog or something like that

lower sec Victoria Secondary School boys - SHAME!
the bus is not say like crowded and u have to block the doorway
juz for your own convenience when alighting
after a while, some aunties carrying big grocery bags have difficulties squeezing their way through em.
you brought shame to VS boys
you brought shame to floorball players

steady man..


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