sorry media, i'm not an etiquette/social watch dog, just a huge fan of public transport. and i would realli enjoy having a gracious bus/mrt ride once in a while. this is juz a hobby, i dun bounce off the walls when i see irresponsible public commuters or disgusting singaporeans. i can be reached at for more information, please DO NOT add me on msn or friendster.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

stupid stickers

i realise that vandalism and littering takes place most frequently
at the back 2 seats
so its obvious these imps like to hide behind where no one can see em
1. put a mirror behind where the driver can see em
2. put a camera
3. also the most feasible solution: lets all be responsible public commuters
stop them when u see em!

a lot of stupid stickers

on closer look upon this one
it reads 13 july pirates of the carribean
oi pirate fans, why are u doing this to our buses?
captain jack sparrows will punish u!


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