sorry media, i'm not an etiquette/social watch dog, just a huge fan of public transport. and i would realli enjoy having a gracious bus/mrt ride once in a while. this is juz a hobby, i dun bounce off the walls when i see irresponsible public commuters or disgusting singaporeans. i can be reached at for more information, please DO NOT add me on msn or friendster.

Friday, October 06, 2006

More disgusto

is this atiqah boncet dumb or dumb?
still write school name!
its like u rob a bank then leave ur name card before u escape
is that dumb or retarded?

or they realli dunno scribbling on buses is vandalism?
maybe the school should invite me over to give a talk for assembly

its kinda funny/weird when ppl give seats to obese ppl
thinking they're pregnant
the guy in white looks more pregnant, can?
enough said
start laughing

hello handsome, no pole-dancing

hello handsome, you too!
no pole-dancing on trains
omg.. is the woman in purple behind digging her nose?


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