sorry media, i'm not an etiquette/social watch dog, just a huge fan of public transport. and i would realli enjoy having a gracious bus/mrt ride once in a while. this is juz a hobby, i dun bounce off the walls when i see irresponsible public commuters or disgusting singaporeans. i can be reached at for more information, please DO NOT add me on msn or friendster.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Today i saw this two guys playing monopoly in Mc'Ds
Its been a while since i last played
they seem to be having so much fun
having coke and enjoying a game of monopoly
in the fully air-conditioned environment
i should do that some day too
p/s: for the numbskulls reading this, this is not a disgusting post as well
i really meant that i wanna play monopoly soon
oh yes, i have this pretty cool board game call - Betrayal at House on the Hill
i shall play that


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