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Friday, October 06, 2006

muah muah

sayang sayang..
touch touch hair..
tickle tickle scalp..

sayang sayang..
kiss your forehead..
lie on shoulder..
whispering into ears..
hug hug kiss kiss..

i dunno if TPJC (tampines junior college) allows public display of affection in school uniform
but during my time
it was quite strict
u kena caught u prepare to kena something bad from the discipline master
ok.. maybe i old liao..

this malay uncle pole-dancer looks pretty cool in this posture actually
does he remind u of char-shao-bing from the Zhen Qing drama serial?
but please dun lean on the pole when ppl wanna hold it okay?

girl in white quite funny
her head kept leaning onto the office lady
quite funny and a lot of ppl watching
or maybe they watching the office girl upskirt?

quite amazing ppl dunno how to use the little litter box beside the exit
they stick tickets to the back of the seats
and throw food packaging into the ticket litter box
such idiots!


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