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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

KFC Incident

see these old aunties and uncles
like to put their market groceries and liang teh on the seats
leaving it wet
who's gonna sit on it?
the bus stop seats are still fine
some of them even put their bags on the bus seats
all those juices and soil from the meats, fish and vegetables
wake up la, aunties
we cannot wait for every single one of u to die to have a gracious society

wat the hell? too much man
eating drumstick on the bus
and there are pieces of curry rice
looks like its bought from an indian muslim food stall
this is so disgusting!

vLog on KFC Incident

usually i do not blog about ignorant people, but my classmates insist
so here's my report:
i was eating happily in KFC wearing my Temasek Poly t-shirt
then this mother and son was sitting beside me
at first i tot it was cute that the mother brought her kid, Way Tan, to KFC after school
and st. hildas primary is really nearby

later the mother came back from the counter fuming
and telling her son very loudly
"shame on the temasek polytechnic students, take so long to decide then cut my queue"
"i wonder what they are taught in school!"
and obviously she was speaking so loudly she wants the whole KFC to hear it
i look around there's only this other girl wearing Team Temasek t-shirt
so i suppose its her.
but wats her point of creating a scene?
shame the girl? shame me? or shame the school?
or embarass herself or her son?
i was with my friends so i didn't bother with her
but my friends were kinda uncomfortable

and she continued her speech
"no manners at all. temasek poly. dunno wat kind of lousy school it is"
i knew i had to stop her to bring the peace to my meal
so i turned back and look at the girl in Team Temasek t-shirt
and told my friends in the same manner, directed at her
"oh-- that girl, Jessica. she's from st. hildas primary"
(obviously i do not know the girl la, i juz crap to shut her up)

and indeed it worked
and we all had a nice pleasant meal thereafter


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