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Friday, September 24, 2010

Taiwan 励志哥

Finally for this post, I would like to share a CASE STUDY
about this Taiwanese dude, 张富杰 who goes by a more famous name - 励志哥

What is this term "励志哥"?

Its used to describe men/women who are fucking hideous-looking
yet has a gorgeous partner
It was made famous by 张富杰 in December 2009
his forum nickname goes by - 励志哥
His famous quotes
(Mandarin: If you are willing, you will get a girl)
(Mandarin: If you're still complaining about life being unfair, take a look at me!)

King Ming says
True! Stop blaming your bad luck with ladies/men!
You can always do something about it
If you're fat - Go slim down!
MBA Sammy Phua did a research and discover that 33% of the fat people
has a mental barrier which they used to comfort themselves
to acknowledge that being fat is
A. Inheritant B. Norm C. Acceptable

Wrong, wrong and wrong!
The biggest discrimination in the world is not against people with darker skin
it is with fat and obese people
How so? It is due to the lack of exercise, indulgence in bad posture and over-eating
And stop saying you have "big bone" - bad excuse!
If you have a bad personality - Practice kindness and be a better person!
If you are poor - Get a fucking job!
If you have ugly features - Get a plastic surgery! Or learn to apply make-up!
You are the master of your own life and destiny.
It is not God's will for you to take up 1.5 seats on public transportation
If you have deformities - No one is stopping you from becoming a nice person!

(Note: Throughout the 励志哥 segment, I did not mention Jay Ng Jiajin)


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Quite true. People should not think that calling a person obese or fat is a discrimination. Aside from the not-so-pleasant appearance, obesity's most concern is the person's health. People should realize that fat appearance is nothing compared to your health being put at risk when you're obese.

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At 1:31 AM, Blogger tanaris said...

When you're fat, slim down - simple. If you don't want to hear people calling you fat ass all the time or tired not seeing your genitals when you're standing, get to the gym and sweat it out. You can do it! Tummy Tuck in Mexico


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