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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Encounter with MRT Hooligans


Last evening, took MRT home as usual at about 6.30pm like that. The train is crowded as usual. I was engrossed in reading the Chinese Novel by 倪匡。

Suddenly I felt a push, it was intentionally. I turned around and glared at that teenage.
His friends beside me started saying, "Not us wor, MRT is like tat one push here and there". One look from them u can conclude tat they are little hooligans, one of them have tattoo all over AND colour faded, OMG! So low-class.

I decided to move in, TAT was a mistake.
They continue to disturb me and others,
Finally, I decide to strike back, psychologically.


I keep staring at them and SMILE!~ hahahaha

I pick up my mobile and started calling YING, my best frd. I told her I was in trouble. Being disturbed like 3 little hooligans who frogs in the well, with tat I continued to laugh and look at their direction.

That is. That low-educated and poor-mannered girl started to call me with ugly names.
She called me "HOOKER!" I laughed at her, she got more angry and start criticizing I got a "JIAO" face and how bad I dressed and my MU sucked!

With a character like me, I will definitely shout back and ask her to shout up. HEEEEE I didn't, say ANYTHING, just keep looking at them and smile.

The final show-down, they took my photo using their camera. I was shocked, could not react. I know is against the law, but at that point of time, should I go up to them and play punk? Call the police if they refuse to erase the photo in front of me?

I choose to ignore them. I realty cannot predict whether do they have any weapons of whatever things on them, AND I was out-numbered. Will the passengers around me help me if I got into trouble? I doubt tooo.

Well, they are just like us when we are in teens, BUT BUT BUT they are worse, do we go around disturbing people anyhow we like? WE don't.

They are getting more and more JIALAT.

Friends beware, teens are out of control.


When i reached home, i told my mum, her question is HOW? U scolded them upside down?? hahah She cannot believe her ears when i told her I 'luan' and sit down quietly laughing at them non-stop like some sian char bor. To her, her daughter's patience is extended somehow.


At 12:19 PM, Blogger Zhixuan said...

don't u think somehow the contributor is ... weird too?

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Ivan Chew said...

Actually, it's not really against the law to take a picture of you in a public setting. But what they may get into trouble (if you can prove the case) is their provocation. Anyway, I feel you might have been better off just ignoring them in the first place. Or tell them they are bothering you. I think the trick is not to make matters worse by making them look bad 'cos that's a sure way to start a fight. I'd make sure there are people around if I do talk to them. And if you feel genuinely threatened, just seek help from the MRT staff. Or if the situation warrants, call the police to seek advice. Just my 2-cents.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Semi-charmed Kinda Life said...

a good 2 cents worth, i'll top up the 8 cents for toilet entry!
thanks mr ivan chew.


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