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Tuesday, October 05, 2010


A funny episode happend to my Singaporean friend
when she called to collect her passport in Hong Kong
(My friend's lines are in BLUE)

*pressed "1" for English
*man who picked up spoke proper english and asked if he could help
*'i wanna know if my pp is ready for collection'
*'yes ma'am, please hold on for a second.'
*music plays*
*'WHHHHYYY??? dim yeung hor yi bong dou nei?'
*'hello, i 'd wanna know if my pp is ready for collection'
*'may i know your name please?'
*'sXXX sXXX pXX'
*'dang dang wait wait please spell it ar'
*spells name
*'ohhh share shao pee?'
*'err... no...' (before she finishes her sentence)
*' dang dang eh wait a mou ment i check.'
*'oh hahaha your passport last week already ready ar, haha i called u once u didnt pick up ar.'
*'oh, but i left my email with you as well right? i have been checking my mails everyday since my passport was approved. and i havent got any emails from you.'
*'yes ar, gum because my email spoy yel, sou i dont email yew la haha i only call u la. hahhaha'
*'err... what?' <--- i actually thought the email server was down
*'aiyah, because last weaak, my pc is dar-on, sou i cannot email you la hahaha, i chow called you law.'
*'er.. u mean you did not email me because your computer is down?'
*'yes ar but now okay ga la.'
*'alright, but i still didnt receive emails from you.'
*'yah i call u didnt pick up ar.'
*'any wey, your passi port already ready for connection, yew can come dar-on any time u want'
*'alright may i know who i'm speaking to?'
*'no ar! eye reeen'
*'oh I-R-E-N-E?'
*'yes ar haha'
*'so do i look for u when i get there?'
*'no ar u just come duc la can already la.'
*'alright thank you and bye'


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