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Monday, May 28, 2007

disgustingpeople at IKEA tampines

being a swakoo, today is my first trip to tampines IKEA, COURTS, GIANT
u know the three huge buildings next to each other
so i went to take the free shuttle service at tampines interchange
when the bus arrive
the people were like flocking into the bus
like snatching for NDP tickets lidat
DAMN SCARY, i assure u
and most of them are aunties!

so we reach the GIANT bus stop
i waited patiently for the other ppl to alight
then i stood up and strolled towards the exit VERY SLOWLY
suddenly got this old lady
raised her hand in front of me like a gated barrier
and then push me aside
with the "HEY! I FIRST!" look

i was like errr-- okay
like wat the hell? there were no one else getting out already
and wat satisfaction will i derive from getting down faster?
the air at GIANT can help prevent ageing better than SKII?

thats not the end
later i had my dinner at IKEA
and in the queue, these 7-8 young ladies
pretty well dressed and look rather educated
queued in front of me wit a trolley wit 3 trays
and they replaced their dirty trays wit the clean ones

leaving the soiled trays next to the clean ones
instead of returning them to the stewarding area
which is like 10 steps away
and they have like 8 ppl
with no more than 3-4 ppl behind them in the queue
wat if someone later in the queue mistook ur soiled trays
pretty unhygienic right?
so inconsiderate!

later in front, i ordered 15 meat balls
and they ordered 6 sets of 8 meatballs
they were like snatching my plate of 15 from me
and began counting my meatballs
when the counter staff handed it to me
like wat the hell?
did u girls just come out from zoo?
stop acting like monkeys!

p/s: i apologize for the unpleasant sketches, i din have my camera wit me then


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