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Friday, June 15, 2007

No need to queue!

a lot of people like to stand around the bus lanes instead of queueing up
most of the youngsters know how to wait for those who queued to board the bus before they do
but some of our older generations seems to not know the courtesy
and i had witness this incident
the mother told the kid to get up from the "EXPRESS LANE"
the kid replied "Ma, don't have to let the rest go up first meh?"
the mother told him "No need la, there are enough seats for everyone"
i must agree that the queue was not long
but it is a basic courtesy to let those who queued board the bus first
if not they queue so long for wat?
they must as well stand around and cut ur queue
the older generations ought to be lectured about queueing
and teaching their kids the wrong things
however i feel it is extremely fine
for senior citzens to board the bus without queueing
it is in fact safer for them to be seated, and near the exit
due to their lack of mobility
but it is not the obligation of anyone to feel good about it
so don't take it for granted
again, kudos to 公民与道德教育 lessons!


At 10:42 PM, Blogger ` e--leen_____* said...

yea WE younger generation AT LEAST knows how to let the queue board first before boarding.
some aunties just squeeze their way in.


At 2:50 AM, Blogger Semi-charmed Kinda Life said...

it is la!


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