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Tuesday, June 12, 2007



I have always enjoyed eating with McDonalds' which i have grew up with. It has always brought me fond memories dining in with my family.

However, today's experience truely upsetted me. I ordered a McDelivery through phone and the order was to be delivered in 90minutes.

First, the operator was robotic and impatient with my ordering, but that was fine.
Minutes ago, I received a phone call from a Mcdonalds manager demanding why I did not respond to the delivery man whom he claimed came to my apartment but did not get a response and went back. He was extremely rude demanding an answer "Why ar? Can you explain?".
The common practice is for them to call up my mobile or home phone first! So why is the manager pushing the blame to me and so mad at me for?

I am a hungry customer and this has caused me much emotional distress. What has happened to the friendly Mcdonalds service that i grew up with? Why do I, as a paying customer deserve a scolding from the manager?

I am extremely disappointed!

P/S: I live in the East and I hope to receive some form of explanation and follow-up in response to the complaint. If they are going to react like Jack's Place, I will not hesitate to bring it to the press.
I remember having a lecture a couple of weeks ago when i shared my poor service experience in Jack's Place - Century Square. Apparently, the lecture group had similar experiences.
Anyone wanna hear about my COCKROACH CRAYFISH PASTA at Swensen Tampines and how the Indian manager tries to bluff his way through me?

PP/S: Victor from McDonalds' Head Office called to apologize within an hour. Kudos! Apologies accepted.


At 3:26 AM, Blogger Vishal said...

I guess perceptions of McDonalds vary vastly across the globe. I can't imagine McDonalds delivering in the US.. There is no way their fries are going to retain their crispiness 90 minutes later. As for the rudeness, most Americans have learnt to expect that. You get what you pay for. Lastly, the fact that the McDonalds manager called you within an hour is unbelievable. The only way to make that happen in the US is to spill hot coffee on yourself and then sue them for a million bucks.


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