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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Relac One Mc-Corner!

I was eating my yumilicious new teppanyaki burger
at McDonalds' when suddenly i heard this REGGAE music
coming from next table

as expected, there was a table of minas
blasting REGGAE from their mobile phones
with random chanting of "goyang dak goyang"s
without purchasing anything
and McDs was nice enough not to chase them out

wait.. suddenly i heard TECHNO music
the ah lian table beside them puts up a challenge
without the krumpling and index finger floating around
after 20 min of battle,
the ah lians decided they were out-numbered and moved to another table

later the minas also left but the table was taken over by mats
and the mini-mart, i mean young mat
who came to relac at the corner
with the symbolic golden arch as their gang/getto logo
so it seems they are looking after their "corner" turf
i must say i'm really impressed
cos they give up their guitars for air-con
as they left their traditional void decks for a classier McDonalds'

environment do change people!


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