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Wednesday, June 13, 2007




so there i was sitting in the MRT,minding my own business and plugged in to my Ipod Nano.then at this particular stop,about 2 elderly men came in with a middle-aged auntie.wanted to let my seat.but wanted to see.JUST to see,if any other people will be nice enough,of course no matter what i WILL give up my seat to people who need it more than me.but a part of me was curious and waited to see.

obviously no one did.i was the only TEEN there.the rest were middle aged and little kids.perhaps they think since im a TEEN, im healthier and stuffs like that,i SHOULD be the one giving up my seat.

i was kind of angry, that no one would actually stand up for the TWO elderly.i stood up, let my seat to ONE of the two elderly,hoping that my actions WILL led some of the people in the same cabin to feel ashame and do the same.afterall there is ANOTHER old man still struggling.

and can you believe it?NO ONE STOOD UP.was angry.but you cant expected me to just shout at the people to give their seats up for the old man right?sometimes i wish i have the courage to.

yea the old man did get a seat,after one of the auntie get off at her destinated station.and i thought they always say the teens are the scums of society.


It is an act of courtesy to give up your seat to ppl who need it more than you do.
However, it is NOT an obligation!
There is a seat near to every MRT door with a sign that urges ppl to give up their seat to commuters who need it more than you do (eg: pregnant women, elderly, young children, handicapped,ugly people, ppl holding heavy stuff)
Maybe the younger generations like us were brought up with the sense of righteousness to give up out seats automatically after all the 好公民(primary school) and 公民遇道德教育(secondary school) lessons.
good job MOE!


At 5:46 PM, Blogger Ivan Chew said...

Good for you. I felt you've done the right thing by not getting angry. By giving up your seat, you've done the right thing and that's enough. If enough people do the right thing, slowly society will change. Gracious behaviour takes time to be instilled. :)


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