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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Its not your pole!

let me tell you a story..

one happy day, me and 2 of my frens, A and C were taking a train to Sentosa
it was a pretty crowded time but at least we got the pole in front of the entrance

at one point of time, 2 indians came in and we gladly shared our pole with them
and continued our happy little conversation

suddenly, one of them decided to lean on the pole (see picture below)
my friends, A and C got a shock and released their hands from the pole
but I refuse to compromise
"Thou shalt not have the pole to yourself"

so i decided to twist my hand a little to irritate him
*twist twist twist*
so you like a little belly rub, huh?

maybe he's afraid of tickling
or rather felt disturbed to be touched by a handsome man
he released his body from the pole
so now me and C can hold the pole
while he bumps B away from the pole

look at my poor skinny friend being bumped away
looking so miserable, have to smell his shirt also
oh ya-- the funniest part was, during this time someone farted
damn "gao lat" but the train was too crowded to know who it was

"box-out! yee hah!"
this picture describes how the indian man in pink "boxes out" my fren, B
maybe his indian friend is attempting to shoot a basketball?
was he satisfied? no..

he wants the whole pole to himself
so he inches in and hugs the pole while speaking to his fellow
too much man..
meanwhile, my friend is being washed away by the tidal crowd to a deserted part of the MRT
i hope he's still alive

To other people reading this
who likes to have to pole to yourself
let me tell you something
the pole is NOT yours
everyone wants to hold the pole
bring your own pole!


At 3:13 PM, Blogger Ivan Chew said...

LOL. Love the diagrams! I take the MRT all the time, so I can appreciate this alot. Maybe SMRT should use your diagram and display it as an official poster at the train stations. I'm serious! :)


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