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Monday, September 28, 2009


here's a video i made for Nuffnang


official release

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Ho Hum!
I went to Nuffnang's G-Force Premier today
at Orchard Shaw House: Lido
Was early, so i grabbed a beef & cheese at Subway

a lot of people were gathered at the pre-arranged time
but none of the counter ladies were here at 6.15pm
when they finally arrived i realised its just a small screening

nevertheless i got my 2 free tickets
thanks to Nuffnang! =D

the movie was screened at Hall 7
a really small and cozy little cinema

soon the nuffnangers filled up the hall
while the familiar group of friends cam-whored in the front row

please start the show, yes?

ahh.. finally!
no? ok.. lets wait for the previews to finish
btw i think i wanna watch the Night Before Christmas
featuring Jim Carrey as Scrooge
could be really good.

everybody say - G-FORCE!
fantastic movie, really
will be out in all cinemas on 4 Sept 2009 (Friday)

i enjoyed the show thoroughly
except that i was trying to hold my breath throughout the movie
cos there was a smelly tofu B.O. boy
sitting between myself and the air conditioner
and i kept getting whiffs of his odour
other than that - no complaints