sorry media, i'm not an etiquette/social watch dog, just a huge fan of public transport. and i would realli enjoy having a gracious bus/mrt ride once in a while. this is juz a hobby, i dun bounce off the walls when i see irresponsible public commuters or disgusting singaporeans. i can be reached at for more information, please DO NOT add me on msn or friendster.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

blog close for christmas

jingle bells
jingle bells

hi guys..
the blog will be closed till after christmas
have an non-disgusting christmas people!
remember to be polite, considerate and nice on pulic transports!

please come back after christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2005


hmm.. recently no fish
so here we have another kind of disgustingpeople
specially to you gurls out there..
i thought it wouldbe good education

Sunday, December 11, 2005

SWORD FOR GRAB - advertisement time

here's a BIG deal for you comic fans
especially hong kong comics SHEN BING
and those who wanna make a quick buck through resale

we have here 7 very "sat" swords on lease

under normal light its all silver colour

under sunlight and tilt at 45 degrees
its 7 colours of the rainbow - red orange yellow emerald green blue and purple
each sword have their names below

and they are authentic
with authentic logo, frame and box

original price S$480
won in a CG competition
perfect and well.. untouched condition
now going at around $350 price can negotiate
interested? email me

Friday, December 09, 2005

wat a day!

today i went to sentosa..

my god!
these street-side gang are promoting and recruiting all the way into sentosa's free shuttle bus service. and if its a scam to sabo their friends, they're not so stupid. if these mobile phone numbers end up with SSB, they "hor gao gan" liao! good luck.

this indian woman i dunno whether is local or foreigner. HORRIBLE! she tried to cut everyone's queue at the underwater world station and was politely asked by the sentosa crew to join the queue. she then pointed at me (i just joined the queue), used her black bag as a baricade and try to put psychic (or maybe magnetic) barrier behind me showing all jaws, black gums and yellow teeth, growling at the teens orderly queueing behind me. while her 2 other friends push and tug everyone to get behind me. then she slid in under the metal bars victoriously.

more MRT stories..
"please stand behind the yellow line, not ON the yellow line, madam"

i was taught in primary school to give away seats to the elderly, the pregnated females and the handicapped. also i have read in tay-tay (our very own model - eh bah!) 's girlfriend's blog; about people wanting to give the seat to pregnant ladies, but unsure whether they are super fat (rolly polly belly) or realli pregnant. hmmm.. toughie eh?
today i face the same situation.

so there was this sri lanka (i guessed, cos its not malay and she smell like sri lanka crabs) lady in front of me. so i stared at her belly and thinking "hmmm.. pregnant lady.. NOT" but wa lao.. her belly is realli bombastic! reminded me of the MI LE FO (smiling buddha) at the temple.

aha! so i spotted another belly poppin out of crowd. pregnant lady! FINALLY!
time for me to show my chivalry, to offer my warmed seat to the lady and the child in the womb. gong de wu liang.. give one seat benefit two people. amitabha!

but wait.. why she wearing jeans?
and from my experience of watching so many celebrities get pregnant lately and my relentless efforts of touching the MI LE FO (smiling buddha)'s belly in hope to "tio beh pio" (strike lottery). i have touched so many MI LE FO's belly to know its a belly, not a pregnated stomach. maybe pregnanted wit something else like chocolate, donuts, cheeseburgers & Big Macs, supersized fries, MEGA SUPER DUPER Big Glup, KFCs.. or maybe feaces.
definitely no baby inside.
so disappointed am i, i was halfway through un-buttoning my shirt, already revealing half of my Superman logo. sigh.. no luck!

just then, this indian woman sitting beside me (who probably never seen almighty MI LE FO before) gave her seat to her. and this pink cheeseburger lady exploded into the seat and fell into deep hibernation. i sniggered discreetly at the indian woman cos she was carrying shopping bags with christmas wrappers. yes, this is the season to be jolly, giving and kind. but u made a mistake this time! so am i going to give her my seat? no! she must learn her lesson.
watever u say.. call me "disgusting people" or watever.. i dun care!
best is get all ur frens and suan me on my comments page, come boost my traffic.

back to the story..

the indian lady then realise her mistake when pink lady's boyfren came along and stood guard in front of his hibernating bear fair lady while she sleeps. how did she find out?
probably she was CLEVER enough to notice pink lady's boyfriend was pregnant also.

pink lady and pregnant-also boyfriend alights happily at simei.
and they live happily ever after...

for the sixteenth time, i am not RACIST not am i discriminating against FAT people.
they just happen to appear when i'm scouting for disgusting people. wat? my best friend is a fat hairy bangladeshi okay? and he's got nothing against me doing this blog. stop being sensitive people!

anywayz to get your minds free off the band wagon of disgusting public commuters for a moment. here's something nice and pleasant..

two children playing quietly in the MRT trying to twist each other's fingers off their hands (i've no idea how they can be violent and quiet at the same time), while their mother (in pink) sleeps peacefully beside em. and they dad (sitting on my left) smiling proudly at his kids' play.
awesome kids.

have a nice day!

welcome back people

for those who went for last night's charity concert at NUS university cultural concert hall. no.. that picture was not taken by me. though i'll realli love to witness someone with such exagerrated pose. bravo!

so he scratch
and scratch
and scratch
and scratch for 16 stops
while on the cellphone with his collegue (a freshie), this shuaige NS man, was bragging about how senior he is in his camp and how evil this CPL LEE guy is. blah blah blah.. "yes.. u're telling me.. blah blah blah.. but it doesn't justify.. blah blah blah.. justify.. justify.. justify.." (could be the techno i'm listening to or he realli repeated the word 'justify' that many times. and there must be some thing wrong wit his leg. no it doesn't smell, but he can't stop scratching it. it looks normal with a small red strip. so its either fungus or tape worm?
i dunno.. i dun do bio. but the sight sure makes me wanna scratch his leg too.
disgusting? u decide.

some ppl like to lean on the pole instead of holding on to it. many times, i see mothers telling these 'pole dancers' off so that their kids can grab the pole for stability. but the picture above got THREE poles wat! so? cannot have 12 ppl standing around the pole ar?
if u have a lazy backbone u must as well lie on the floor.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

these ppl dun queue up, but wanna be in front of the queue when the bus arrive
shame shame!
regulars are old chinese folks and malay boys.

maybe the price of cigarettes in singapore have realli jacked up by a whole lot
these people are saving their half lit cigarettes
they extinguished their fags and board the bus
which instantly stink up the whole public transport
being a smoker myself i dun realli mind the smell
but do spare a thought for little children

Monday, December 05, 2005


no no.. dun look at my PSP
see the phone to the left
this guy clad in office wear was plugged into his headphones
and watching PORN on the mrt
wat an idiot
and he constantly check the connection afraid that the sound may leak
wa lao.. do it in a more private place la, mister

look! this is where DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION came from
a SMRT bus

Sunday, December 04, 2005

take a break

sorry guys..
been busy lately.
and i need to settle my picture host problem.
be back in the next few days
it should be ready by then