sorry media, i'm not an etiquette/social watch dog, just a huge fan of public transport. and i would realli enjoy having a gracious bus/mrt ride once in a while. this is juz a hobby, i dun bounce off the walls when i see irresponsible public commuters or disgusting singaporeans. i can be reached at for more information, please DO NOT add me on msn or friendster.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Road Goes On

an elderly ah ma helps his grandson pee on the grass
i remember i used to do that when i was younger too

check out this lil girl swing around the pole
quite cute

ready for a 360?

hope she doesn't grow up to be a "pole-dancer" or inconsiderate public commuter

nonsense vandalism
can u guys draw something more constructive?

yes you are stupid
go draw on your living room door instead

a rare occasion when everyone waits for the train to stop before rushing at the door
a good improvement

see far left
this ah beng guy was accused to have assaulted an office geek at city hall mrt
but it was resolved peacefully
lets all make peace on public transport to make it a better facility
for you and me

in case any of you dun notice
urinating in the lift is an offence under the environmental public health act
in short, it is ILLEGAL

but every other day i see pee in my lift
wats up with that man?
you guys think u are dogs?

why dun the government take action?
collect some urine sample and charge a few idiot offenders
that will instil some fear
why does the morning bangla have to clean up every now and then
when we singaporeans are the ones who should WAKE UP!

Monday, October 23, 2006


i refer to this article,4139,115876,00.html

Shaming others could get you into trouble
from the New Paper
published on 20 October 2006

One of the four blogs highlights various forms of misbehaviour on the Singapore public transport system and has a record of such occurrences dating back to September last year.
The blogger's objective is to 'encourage responsible behaviour when taking public transport'.
Among the images captured are those of 'pole-dancing' (commuters leaning on poles on the MRT), reserving seats, littering and vandalism.
The blogger doesn't give any contact details. But there were 25 other bloggers listed as members who have pledged to 'fight against inconsiderate vandalism and acts of disgust'.
Said lawyer Ketar Singh, who has been practising for 12 years: 'There is no privacy in a public place. Privacy is confined to the home, office or certain restricted areas.'
Still, he warned that posting the pictures in blogs and websites run the risk of legal action.
'One should stay clear from targeting any particular person and from sensitive issues such as race and religion,' he said.
'One may be guilty of defamation if one is targeting a particular person or certain parties and making them lower in the eyes of reasonable people.'


my response:
i feel that the new paper has minimal information before doing this report.
and i'm utterly disappointed because the new paper is one of my favourite newspaper.
firstly, i'm more than willing to exchange ideas with anyone reading my blog. when asked i will gladly give my email. refer to john lim who asked for my email.
there's even a group of crescent girls students who contacted me to seek permission to use my pictures for their school project and i'm just too willing to help.
and quote:
THEY think they're courtesy cops, patrolling public places to catch inconsiderate people in the act.
this is definitely a bias statement. the person who wrote the report should at least try leaving a comment at my blog to try to contact me before calling us "secretive" and judging the course of our behaviour. are u a psychologist? have u consulted a psychologist? wat makes u think we are courtesy cops.
have you realli read all of my entries and comments before making this statement?
because i have already clarified that its all foolin around and acting serious. i don't realli give half a shit about inconsiderate people. therefore role-playing as a public transport super hero figure. and very often, i leave my youtube links, email addresses and even sometimes my mobile phone number on this blog.
and my blog is not all about disgusting behaviours! we also have articles on beautiful scenes and actions worth praising. how can you read a few of my posts and stereotype my blog with the others? that is not professional at all!
please do your homework in future before writing such things. i do visit SPH once in a while to contribute to lianhe zaobao since 1996. i think i could leave u a note, have a nice cuppa and talk over spinelli's soon. your report has caused me emotional distress. maybe you do have psychology background (as you believe you know us well) and maybe i do need help.
see you soon.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


hey everybody
my illustrations are published on the november issue of

page 48-51

4 pages of fun filled activities
its out now at all major magazine sellers

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hi all.. i'm not dead yet

quite interesting
the lady on the right drawing hena for her friend on the shaky train
and its very nice and decisive - QIANG

dunno wats wrong wit the driver
make the air-con SUPER cold
and the tv mobile VERY loud
upstairs like cinema lidat

actually i went fishing
got this inconsiderate ppl
throw their net anywhere
netting is bad.. littering is worse!

macik, puasa u also cannot stand in the yellow box

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

contribution from moon


Friday, October 06, 2006

JJ Lin spotted!

found this photo in my disgustingpeople stash
nothing disgusting about it though..

see the girl in purple and black stripes playing the IGS music game
she looks identical to JJ Lin Jun Jie
yes, the local singer and she damn good at the music game
so i suspect she is JJ himself
crossdressed to avoid suspicion

this is bugis junction basement arcade

fish ole my zinger baby

SPECIAL REPORT from michelle ang

notice anything different about the FISH OLE burger at KFC?

yes! if u have guessed correctly.
they used the ZINGER bread instead of the long hotdog bread
cos they RAN OUT of the bread
have u ever heard of major fastfood joints running out of buns?
btw this is KFC cineleisure

muah muah

sayang sayang..
touch touch hair..
tickle tickle scalp..

sayang sayang..
kiss your forehead..
lie on shoulder..
whispering into ears..
hug hug kiss kiss..

i dunno if TPJC (tampines junior college) allows public display of affection in school uniform
but during my time
it was quite strict
u kena caught u prepare to kena something bad from the discipline master
ok.. maybe i old liao..

this malay uncle pole-dancer looks pretty cool in this posture actually
does he remind u of char-shao-bing from the Zhen Qing drama serial?
but please dun lean on the pole when ppl wanna hold it okay?

girl in white quite funny
her head kept leaning onto the office lady
quite funny and a lot of ppl watching
or maybe they watching the office girl upskirt?

quite amazing ppl dunno how to use the little litter box beside the exit
they stick tickets to the back of the seats
and throw food packaging into the ticket litter box
such idiots!

More disgusto

is this atiqah boncet dumb or dumb?
still write school name!
its like u rob a bank then leave ur name card before u escape
is that dumb or retarded?

or they realli dunno scribbling on buses is vandalism?
maybe the school should invite me over to give a talk for assembly

its kinda funny/weird when ppl give seats to obese ppl
thinking they're pregnant
the guy in white looks more pregnant, can?
enough said
start laughing

hello handsome, no pole-dancing

hello handsome, you too!
no pole-dancing on trains
omg.. is the woman in purple behind digging her nose?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

big ballers

hello mr pole dancer
dun lean on the pole
got a lot of ppl wanna hold the pole for better stability
against the force of inertia

hello mr man-in-black
i know u're in a hurry to catch aliens
but please stand before the yellow line!

another pole dancer wit nike bag
reading newspaper

hello lady in blue
behind the yellow line!
mai kan cheong!

ok.. look at the man in batik and the man in yellow
their legs are too far apart..
but never mind. cos no one squeezing wit em

k.. then comes someone sitting between them
unfortunately he got big balls too
and needs to sit with his legs far far apart

also note that the man between em wearing grey is sitting on TWO seats
to satisfy his big balls posture
and all of em are covering their big balls
in case ppl like me tries to investigate
note that there is only HALF an empty seat left
even a small kid cannot squeeze in

cha cham bo...
this guy in white tries to limbo rock his way in
BRAVO! shake-it shake-it..
while the big ballers refuse to budge

man in white "heh heh.. i dun care.. i'm gonna slowly expand my legs till u two cannot tahan"
so he pretends to read a book
finally the man in batik gives in
perhaps being older no strength to knee-fight wit him

after some investigation
young man dun open their legs so big
especially those wearing business pants know how to cross their legs
gracefully to maximise the space capacity
its the middle to old age man with big tummies
who HAVE TO open their legs
1) to suport the weight of their belly on their laps
2) to prevent sitting on their saggy balls
these are my guess

hello xiao jie in white
behind the yellow line

hope u enjoyed today's episode

Monday, October 02, 2006

contribution by Paul Cheng

contribution by RESPONSIBLE CITZEN, Paul Cheng

an indian man, on a crowded double deck 165, on 28th Sep 2006, 7plus in the morning. Sitting this way, with his bag, and pretend not to see others when got people bio-ing his seat. Until the people who cannot find seats to go back down. sigh

a chinese lady on board of 147 towards hougang direction at 11 plus at night.
sitting like that like nobody business

disgusting today

see the man in yellow sitting on my left...

...he thinks he realli got big balls!
@#$%^ give me some space man

hey man in red - pole dancer
curse u curse u.. may ur gf be harassed by pole dancers

someone's got sharp ass?
or someone was too hungry they ate the seat?

hmmm.. this is a dilemma
the mother is feeding her baby son some bun
should i close one eye or criticise?
cos if the toddler is big enough to eat bun its not realli young
ok.. spare u today
BUT, remember to keep ur crumps inside the baby car
rather ur baby get attack by ants/cockroaches than the train

i say.. "shuddupster, youster betterster stopster vandalisingster myster busesster!"

i'm very happy to see this bus 28 i think
the new STRYDER series of buses
clean and free of vandalism

now still got ppl use sharp pointed comb?
why the side of the bus also can get puntured?
please take good care of our buses leh!