sorry media, i'm not an etiquette/social watch dog, just a huge fan of public transport. and i would realli enjoy having a gracious bus/mrt ride once in a while. this is juz a hobby, i dun bounce off the walls when i see irresponsible public commuters or disgusting singaporeans. i can be reached at for more information, please DO NOT add me on msn or friendster.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


these ppl are blocking the door
and this guy in yellow is so fat he ji tao cannot go through the door
u think other ppl can squeeze through him to exit
-move to the rear (and block the ppl behind)
-lie on the floor (and make the floor oily, slippery and dangerous)
hmm.. forget it!

no this is not the headless horseman
the guy in green on the right
obviously he is sleeping
and leaning his head against the glass window
i tell u, our bus windows and the mrt plastic panel is so disgusting
it has oil stains, human tissues, sweat, strands of hair on it
u can never see me looking through the glass

answer to popular demand
this is the PUSHER
to put ur leg on the seat in front of u
there is a way to counter PUSHERS at ur back
stay tune!
to be taught in the next lesson

spot the missing slipper
dear commuters, please do not remove ur footwear
nobody wans to smell ur stinko feet
and if i were to walk pass it, i'll make sure i kick it out right before the bus takes off
ask my frens, i ever kick a butch's shoe down the mrt track

this aunty wearing loads of leopard prints
think she got 2 handphones and 2 bags very yah-yah
(who knows maybe she stole a bag)
her one bag and handphone need to sit on one seat
a lot of students came in later and she din give em her seat
bloody monster, hope ur kids and grandkids get bullied in school
i also got 2 fancy phones with line, i also never hao lian (pui!)

this ah peh is the "resident evil" of bus 969
i've been trying to take his picture for 2 years
finally i caught him in my "net" yesterday
this si peh kiasu dai beh kia
-cuts everyone's queue in the morning
-sneak into queues and pretends nothing happens
-push and nudges his way into bus
-rush to get seats on bus snatch wit ANYONE
if he is ur father or u know him in anyway,
please tell him "SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!"

this uncle very weird
keep staring at everyone make sure nobody look at him
before falling into deep slumber
hmmm.. nothing disgusting
juz that i felt discomfort being stared at, by a man
of such age and built

yes, thats our famous model of
his name is "tay-tay"
to his left is this man who needs to take up 1.5 seat
also the famous angle of 120 degrees
must be something scientific and natural
like da vinci's magical fibonacci numbers
120.0 - the number of disgusting people

this guy also
why must open the leg so big?


nothing disgusting in this picture
just something extra
so hows everyone and their newly acquired skill of taking pictures on public transport
this is a very good shot i took (self praise) for reference
any idea which technique i used?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

please wait while picture loads

this old man keep digging his nostrils
thinking that no one notice
quite disgusting

meanwhile behind him
this ah bang mat mat use his mp3 handphone to blast endless malay hits
very loud and irritating
the hip hop and rappin ones are still okay, but when it comes to those
macham the man trying to sing like an er-hu is realli horrible
i appreciate that he share his music
but would prefer if he put down his leg, buy a earphone
and sit/relac at his corner

i admire this guy
when there's no seats, he sit at the exit door step
thats exactly wat i'll always do
but anyone know the problem?
this bugger is actually sleeping and has his earphones on
wa lan eh.. if ppl wanna alight how?
step on his balls ar?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

taken last week

initially i was sitting at the marked 'red' spot
then this fat chick came and squeeze beside me despite having a lot more empty seats
the bus was actually quite empty
but she chose to squeeze beside me

so i decided to sit all the way at the back
then i noticed she got this HUGE dog for a hairband
i remember my fren once said "fat ppl like to pull weird stunts"
now i think its quite true

this uncle think no one can see him
or he simply dun care
keep taking things out of his pocket and munch munch munch..

this young and quite decent looking indian man
sit until lidat who dare to take the seat beside u?
or u stink u dun dare to let others sit wit u?
considerate a bit la!


hi guys, i'm back with more inconsiderate commuters!
i thank everyone for visiting and your kind comments
ah moon recommended me her site:

i personally think its a very well taken picture
and like me, i usually dun take the full view of the commuter's face
unless i'm damn du lan about it

also look at this
for unhappy experience with obese people on public transport

Thursday, November 03, 2005


a round of appaulse for my guest stars: Ah Tay and Edison
*clap clap clap*
the long awaited lesson on how to take pictures of inconsiderate commuters are here!
anywayz i'm kinda in a hurry so i'll make this very quick..
i'll answer all your queries tomolo.

DO NOT take pics like this
damn bleeding obvious u're taking a picture
and ur inconsiderate commuter will look away

slightly drag urself lower down the seat
rest ur arm on ur stomach and lift ur wrist
there u can take ur time wit the pictures without beign noticed

this is another way
pretend to be attending a call
but u have to be experienced enough
and know your camera enough
85% of my pics are taken this way
be generous, take multiple shots for selection later
cos u can't aim

choose to stand up and position urself near the sitting target
this position is usually used by ppl who take down-blouse pictures

this is another clever way
but also, u need to be a bit more experienced wit ur camera phone

the above are a few ways
of cos i reserved some tricks for my own use
but let me warn u guys who may abuse these tricks
DO NOT take downblouse/upskirt pictures of girls
image ur "up-pants" pictures kena posted online
or ur gf or mother's zao geng pics
if u realli wanna ignore my warning
and dun believe in cause and effect
go ahead, hope u get caught

have a nice day

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

oh no.. where do i chuck my rubble

while preparing for the lesson on how to take pictures..
here's another problem

for those fat ppl who needs to take up 2 seats
especially when its a crowded bus
and they're in front of the queue
the opportunity cost is 2 adults and 3 children get to the seat

but of cos i'm not discriminating against fat ppl
(though i kinda hate moses lim and lydia sum)
maybe SBS can build some seats specially for the obesed population
for the people who eat too much hamburgers and fried chicken
special seats like those green ones for the handicapped and aged
special seat extension.. see the difference

maybe can paint the seat yellow also
cos yellow can hide the vapours/droplets from sweaty butts also
also, the fat ppl can have more space to themselves
i noticed the aunty in yellow (above) is quite paiseh
especially when this old uncle carrying an electical box fan stares at the seat
she try to be nice and shift inwards
but no matter how hard she shift, its of no use!
the remaining part is not even enough for a primary school kid's butt

or maybe we should ban hamburgers and fried chicken
just like the government bans smokers
NO hambergers and fried chicken in any where near public places, shopping malls, bus stops, interchange. you can only secretly fry chicken and make ur DIY ramlee burgers in the discreet of ur own kitchen. if not u'll be arrested by officials.
and also, jack up the price of cooking oil!
make fun of fat ppl on television, like show more chen li ping shows. to make fat ppl motivated to go for slimming session. force slimming companies and fitness centers and gyms to cut their prices. make wei lian (winner of jue dui superstar) and taufic (winner of singapore idol) say on every form of national media: "u can be blind or of the minority race and become an idol of singaporeans, but not when u are fat!" fat-fat-make-them-feel-bad!

hmm.. i think thats enough.
i've nothing against fat ppl. sorry if u are a fat reader of this blog. i'm only a considerate public commuter, but am uneducated and uncivillised. also, i'm evil. RAR! i'm sorry if i offended u guys, and those who have fat parents. i have fat parents too. but i'm not ashamed. cos they can squueze into a bus seat.
to be more fair, i'll also write about how horrible skinny people are. happy?