sorry media, i'm not an etiquette/social watch dog, just a huge fan of public transport. and i would realli enjoy having a gracious bus/mrt ride once in a while. this is juz a hobby, i dun bounce off the walls when i see irresponsible public commuters or disgusting singaporeans. i can be reached at for more information, please DO NOT add me on msn or friendster.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

more scribblings

sorry for the digression
i still blog about disgusting people, yes

here you go:

errr-- so bo liao
i still dun understand why people like to write their own names on buses

1. is it because they like their names so much?
then buy some flowers for your parents to thank them

2. or is it because they think they own the seat
so they do their markings?
with a similar level of intelligence and civilisation
why don't you pee around the seat
that will mark your territory just as well
and hey! you may even allow males to know if you're on heat
so they hang around your seat waiting to hump you

3. or is it because you wanna practice writing ur name?
then buy an exercise book
with that much risk of getting caught for vandalism
and wasting ink of marker pens, correction fluid
you could buy a nice exercise book for 30cts
to write ur name all over the book

please stop scribbling on the bus
cos i suffer from severe mental illness
i'm extremely suspicious about scribblings that i do not know the source
crop circles and pyramids gets me jumpy
about aliens visiting Singapore
i believe these are signs they left to communicate with us
Jingxi, Xinting, Chloe, Michelle
you are invited to film Paranormal Investigation of Temsek Polytechnic
(you can find the series by doing a search on youtube)


i finally went to read the xiaxue VS dasmond koh thingy
kao-- xiaxue call our honourable Mr. Cai - fat pock-marked bespectacled man who knows nothing yet talks about everything
ok, but its quite funny.
but seriously, his questions were too offensive
xiaxue is, however, a girl
she simply blogs and they invite her to a show to attack her
and perhaps being an old fashion male with a huge ego, dignity and pride
i do not like people talking to me
with a finger pointed at me
i get pissed with that
i ever got into a disciplinary case in secondary school
because of someone spoke to me in that manner
which i will not disclose
(yes, i'm a disgusting people)

dasmond koh was one of my favourite DJ
and i admit now i still quite like to see him on TV
why can't he be a man
xiaxue already apologized
come on, you can do it!
forgive her.
i still support you!

steven lim is simply hopeless
i do have him on my MSN messenger
cos he's a youtuber as well
once in a while, he'll PM me
"please watch this video, comment and rate 5-star"
and seriously, some of his videos are really entertaining
especially when he's engrossed in his own world and feeling angry
and when he scolds his camera person or house-mates in a rather rude manner
(kinda like Daxflame)
if i laugh, i give a 5-star, no questions
recently he even got a pretty cool bike
what is so hopeless about him, then?
his passion and enthusiasm
the way he talks is so full of energy
it scares the shit out of me
(kinda like Gai Might in Naruto)
cos normal people do not behave like that
eccentric, thats wat it is

Maia Lee, i supported her during Singapore Idol
cos she's kinda hot, cute and independent
and i've seen her in person in Tampines
but seriously.. just shut up
the comments left on Dasmond's blog is so
1. un-cool
2. un-girl-power
3. un-clever
(please comment about my poor command of engrish)

Xiaxue, i wouldn't say she's the victim in this incident
or rather i don't really care who's right or wrong
but she's after all a girl, a young girl
give her some face on national TV even if its for effects and viewership
imagine it were your daughter
i may sound a little bias
but hey, i dun really like reading her blog
cos during my occasional visit, its always about food and this ang mo guy
and i'm not that intellectual and patient enough to read lengthy paragraphs
my interest lies in disgusting public commuters
not disgusting bloggers

after this incident
i was rather glad that i didn't turn up for the
Channel News Asia talk show invitation
to talk about
cos if i were to kena shoot like that
i cannot guarantee i'll handle the situation in a civilised manner
i may walk out of the studio

Shoot3 is a nice show
and i find it rather entertaining
Dasmond Koh and Quan Yi Feng talks clever
and the topics are usually interesting
but seriously, the accusation tone is too harsh
taiwanese programmes do it cleverly
we have a lot to learn

War is over, if you want it!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tasha - R.I.P.

Tasha - R.I.P.

Tasha has passed away peacefully on
September 21, 2007; to join Ludo,
Timmy and Winnie in heaven.

my best friend
my favourite dog
my champion partner

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


today i wanna talk about disgusting people in the cinema.
as i recalled some unpleasant experience over the past few years.

simply can't stand those people
who vigorously shake their legs in the cinema
as the seats all all attached per row
the whole row shakes with his legs
once, i encounter this guy in Tampines Mall GV
even the woman behind felt it
and told the 25-30yr old man to stop
he apologized and stopped
but when the exciting part of the movie came
he started shaking unconsciously again
his girlfriend didn't even stop him
if you have a similar problem
please sit on the floor

young teenagers like to throw un-popped corn
at strangers and their friends
i remembered a rather funny incident
some ah bengs decided to disturb a lady with permed hair
trying to plant corn in her "soil"
but once again - its bad! do not follow suit
i was once guilty of that too
when i was much younger
i remember throwing unpoped corn
at the guy in front who couldn't stop talking on the phone
his phone wasn't on silent
and he spoke damn loud
to counter the cinema's volume
everyone was damn irritated
as he did not bother to excuse himself

if u notice, there are people in the cinema
who stares at you as u watch a movie
they dun look retarded or under privilleged
they simply watches pay $8 to watch
half of the show and you
and no, i do not look like Shrek
nor were my friends hanky panky-ing in the cinema
they just have to stare at you
and when u stare back, they look away
very odd
at first i try to convince myself
they were movie critics trying to see viewer's reaction
or police trying to catch people filming in the cinema
but NO, i also caught a 14 year old boy staring at me
so now i'm pretty sure
the problem lies with me
i look like tony leung

this one is most irritating
they have obviously watched the movie before
have enjoyed it and came for seconds
and they have to disclose the storyline during the movie
like telling his/her friends beside
"ah-- watch! watch! the ghost coming out from the second locker"
"that guy is actually the killer"
"this guy's gonna die next"
it always make me feel like refunding my ticket immediately
when they disclose every twists and endings
i dun need a guru spoiling the suspense
the second type is also quite similar
he/she is the wise guy who explains the plot
you know some show likes to leave you some untold plot
for you to think about it
i rather enjoy the interactivity
but someone has to spoil it for me
the wise guy will have to say things like
"orh-- they never show this part, cos later on that guy will.."
"watch carefully.. this part is a flashback as he recalls.."
"this guy damn smart. u guess wats gonna happen next?"
is it so hard to enjoy a movie quietly?

you know wats funny?
some of these story tellers went to catch the movie alone
they have no one to talk to
so they speak to themselves
i'm serious, it sounds weird but true
i've witness it a couple of times

they really should have a SPECIAL CINEMA for these people

click image for larger

p/s: No, I'm not advertising for GV and I'm not paid.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ticket balls mania

i was on a Superbus
quietly playing my PSP
when suddenly 4 malay teenagers
around 17-19 yrs old
boarded and sat behind me

then they started rolling tickets into balls
and throwing at each other
the first one hit me
but i didn't react
the second one hit me
i held up the ticket and stared at them
with the look on the face
"please play among yourself
i don't like to be disturbed"
they just act stupid
look elsewhere and pretended nothing happen

when i went back to my game
they laugh and said to each other
"stare only"
when the third ticket ball hit me
i paused my exciting game
stood up and invited
"got problem is it?
go down bus now, i settle with you"

there were 4 of them
and they just acted stupid like before
so i sat down, slightly pissed
and continued playing my game
they decided to stop playing their ticket balls also

please don't be a public nuisance
and if you think you're cool and mighty in numbers
u never know who u're messing with
so be good, unless you have some real balls.