sorry media, i'm not an etiquette/social watch dog, just a huge fan of public transport. and i would realli enjoy having a gracious bus/mrt ride once in a while. this is juz a hobby, i dun bounce off the walls when i see irresponsible public commuters or disgusting singaporeans. i can be reached at for more information, please DO NOT add me on msn or friendster.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Discovery

H09 has discovered new ways of vandalism on a bus

Sunday, June 24, 2007

big ballers

guy in red
yes u may spread ur legs if the two commuters sitting beside u are kids
and if they dun need that much space
else, u are a inconsiderate public commuter
this especially applies to guys who like to cross their leg like tao kays
and those who open their legs DAMN big
i used to call them "big-ballers" in this blog

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pre-schooler in Polytechnic

This guy sure needs to go back to pre-school
so he can practise writing his name on PAPER

Friday, June 15, 2007

No need to queue!

a lot of people like to stand around the bus lanes instead of queueing up
most of the youngsters know how to wait for those who queued to board the bus before they do
but some of our older generations seems to not know the courtesy
and i had witness this incident
the mother told the kid to get up from the "EXPRESS LANE"
the kid replied "Ma, don't have to let the rest go up first meh?"
the mother told him "No need la, there are enough seats for everyone"
i must agree that the queue was not long
but it is a basic courtesy to let those who queued board the bus first
if not they queue so long for wat?
they must as well stand around and cut ur queue
the older generations ought to be lectured about queueing
and teaching their kids the wrong things
however i feel it is extremely fine
for senior citzens to board the bus without queueing
it is in fact safer for them to be seated, and near the exit
due to their lack of mobility
but it is not the obligation of anyone to feel good about it
so don't take it for granted
again, kudos to 公民与道德教育 lessons!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

father figure

juz saw this local production on CENTRAL directed by KC
about this bus conductor scolding the commuters of their irresponsible behaviour
like a father scolding his kids
we need someone like him man

Wednesday, June 13, 2007




so there i was sitting in the MRT,minding my own business and plugged in to my Ipod Nano.then at this particular stop,about 2 elderly men came in with a middle-aged auntie.wanted to let my seat.but wanted to see.JUST to see,if any other people will be nice enough,of course no matter what i WILL give up my seat to people who need it more than me.but a part of me was curious and waited to see.

obviously no one did.i was the only TEEN there.the rest were middle aged and little kids.perhaps they think since im a TEEN, im healthier and stuffs like that,i SHOULD be the one giving up my seat.

i was kind of angry, that no one would actually stand up for the TWO elderly.i stood up, let my seat to ONE of the two elderly,hoping that my actions WILL led some of the people in the same cabin to feel ashame and do the same.afterall there is ANOTHER old man still struggling.

and can you believe it?NO ONE STOOD UP.was angry.but you cant expected me to just shout at the people to give their seats up for the old man right?sometimes i wish i have the courage to.

yea the old man did get a seat,after one of the auntie get off at her destinated station.and i thought they always say the teens are the scums of society.


It is an act of courtesy to give up your seat to ppl who need it more than you do.
However, it is NOT an obligation!
There is a seat near to every MRT door with a sign that urges ppl to give up their seat to commuters who need it more than you do (eg: pregnant women, elderly, young children, handicapped,ugly people, ppl holding heavy stuff)
Maybe the younger generations like us were brought up with the sense of righteousness to give up out seats automatically after all the 好公民(primary school) and 公民遇道德教育(secondary school) lessons.
good job MOE!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007



I have always enjoyed eating with McDonalds' which i have grew up with. It has always brought me fond memories dining in with my family.

However, today's experience truely upsetted me. I ordered a McDelivery through phone and the order was to be delivered in 90minutes.

First, the operator was robotic and impatient with my ordering, but that was fine.
Minutes ago, I received a phone call from a Mcdonalds manager demanding why I did not respond to the delivery man whom he claimed came to my apartment but did not get a response and went back. He was extremely rude demanding an answer "Why ar? Can you explain?".
The common practice is for them to call up my mobile or home phone first! So why is the manager pushing the blame to me and so mad at me for?

I am a hungry customer and this has caused me much emotional distress. What has happened to the friendly Mcdonalds service that i grew up with? Why do I, as a paying customer deserve a scolding from the manager?

I am extremely disappointed!

P/S: I live in the East and I hope to receive some form of explanation and follow-up in response to the complaint. If they are going to react like Jack's Place, I will not hesitate to bring it to the press.
I remember having a lecture a couple of weeks ago when i shared my poor service experience in Jack's Place - Century Square. Apparently, the lecture group had similar experiences.
Anyone wanna hear about my COCKROACH CRAYFISH PASTA at Swensen Tampines and how the Indian manager tries to bluff his way through me?

PP/S: Victor from McDonalds' Head Office called to apologize within an hour. Kudos! Apologies accepted.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Contribution: JANCY

contributed by responsible citzen


Got a few briefings to attend these days and I've got this lady(I dunno her) sitting next to me yesterday.Look at how she sits

She thinks her fathers owns the lecture theatre.Put down ur freaking legs and sit like a lady!

P/S: the Campus Superstar post i posted earlier. I din mean they are disgustingpeople, they're pretty cute bunch. so ya..

Saturday, June 09, 2007


since now everyone's talking about CSS
i shall hop on the band wagon and take my pick
not according to order
just happen that these people did catch my attention

this keely quite cute
healthy, clean look
got doe eyes also
if i have one vote, it goes to her

Amy Chang Yu Hsuan also not bad
looks quite sweet
i tot the first picture above she looks like a PRC
but scandal with this other guy in CSS
so deduct points

Koh Zheng Ning quite funky attitude also
she reminds me of the guy in KING's CLOWN
you know? the korean show about this emperor
who is obessessed with this pretty boy
she looks like the pretty boy

Teri Teo, thought she quite cute
Ought to slim down BIG TIME and learn mandarin
i remember during the audition
her dad quite supportive
please pay for e expenses

Shawn Tok, very cute
who could miss this tiny boy
i wish to see him playing with some toys
like say power rangers fighting or something
sure gonna win a lot of votes from aunties

Marcus Lee, image not bad
a lot of my friends dun like him
but i think i remember this guy
cos he looks like my late friend
bless him in heaven

pictures taken from mediacorp website -

Friday, June 08, 2007

Special Thanks!~

Special thanks to Ivan Chew for the email! =)
Anywayz i just made this video parody of the GATSBY Moving Rubber CM
check it out

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

hiyah ya'll crazy people who read my blog!

omg! please dun spit in the canteen basin
if u realli have to do it.
run it off wit the tap
its GROSS!

this handsome man is a "broke-back"
(heh-- new term after "pole-dancer")
he breaks the back of the bus seat
hope he falls asleep and numbs his leg
hence getting stuck in the seat

my gawd
and i thought my drawings were distasteful

if its for real, geylang no business already
someone try and tell me who's the poor victim on the other line

yes, homeless people are still a very real problem in Singapore
a big community of them actually lives by beaches
and our world class changi airport

i think this is pretty cool
when u press the lift button
u get reminded to be careful against dengue

damnit! these idiots throw their letters/flyers in the lift
like no tomorrow
there're like piles of it everyday
and there's a dustbin beside the letterbox la

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Relac One Mc-Corner!

I was eating my yumilicious new teppanyaki burger
at McDonalds' when suddenly i heard this REGGAE music
coming from next table

as expected, there was a table of minas
blasting REGGAE from their mobile phones
with random chanting of "goyang dak goyang"s
without purchasing anything
and McDs was nice enough not to chase them out

wait.. suddenly i heard TECHNO music
the ah lian table beside them puts up a challenge
without the krumpling and index finger floating around
after 20 min of battle,
the ah lians decided they were out-numbered and moved to another table

later the minas also left but the table was taken over by mats
and the mini-mart, i mean young mat
who came to relac at the corner
with the symbolic golden arch as their gang/getto logo
so it seems they are looking after their "corner" turf
i must say i'm really impressed
cos they give up their guitars for air-con
as they left their traditional void decks for a classier McDonalds'

environment do change people!